The desert and its living beings

The living beings of the desert

    The desert and its living beings Deserts are ecosystems characterized by low precipitation levels, often resulting in arid or semi-arid conditions. There are various types of deserts around the world, and they can be classified into several types based…

The polygamy

         The polygamy was established to provide social protection to victims of cados during expansionary wars. and it was widely spread in the rural world at the time. It is regulated by means of strict laws that…

Street food in Morocco

Street food morocco

Street food in Morocco is prepared food or beverages that are sold by hawkers, or street vendors, on the streets or in other public settings like markets or fairs. It is frequently offered out of a mobile food stall. For…

Morocco Discovery

A must-do destination… Labyrinthine medival cities, fast-paced urban centers, long stretches of beach, sprawling desert, lush palm oases, and snowcapped mountains—. Morocco discovery  offers enough to draw any traveler looking for a new vacation spot. But what makes it a…

The Amazigh tribes

 Meaning The Amazigh (meaning “free” or “noble”) people, a group of diverse tribes that still inhabit much of Morocco. Are the country’s first inhabitants. The Amazigh are said to have occupied this region from before 10,000BC. In the Atlas, cave…



  Moroccan culture and identity Henna application is a beautiful deed that represents centuries of heritage. It is one of the most natural art forms. It has gradually become a symbol of Moroccan culture and identity. It is mainly tattooed…

Vegans Vegetarians and Gluten-free

Vegans Vegetarians and Gluten-free

Vegans Vegetarians and Gluten-free In Morocco, veganism and vegetarianism are relatively new concepts. Explanations about avoiding eating meat or meat products are frequently met with confusion outside of big cities and high-end restaurants and riads. Meat is an important part…

Moroccan cuisine

Moroccan cuisine

Moroccan cuisine  Moroccan Food Moroccan cuisine is widely regarded as being among the best in the world. While superb Moroccan food can be found in restaurants, the greatest is prepared at home. This is due to the fact that Morocco…

Women traveling alone

women traveling alone

Women traveling alone   Safe destination for women travlers Morocco is a totally safe destination for female travelers in general. Single women who travel alone frequently meet new friends and are invited to family homes. Bring back memories to tell…



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