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Travel guide

Travel guide

Weather, season and mode of travel

Thanks to its geographical situation, Morocco does not have unfavorable seasons for tourism, although spring is, without a doubt, the best time,then the atmospheric conditions and the landscape endow the country with a singular beauty.Indeed, in the middle of summer the climate only remains moderate in the coastal strip and in the highest areas of the Atlas. Winter is the ideal season to visit the south; The climate, sometimes with freezing cold nights, allows you to ski in the High Atlas resorts, swim in the southern Atlantic beaches and enter the desert regions without suffering the torrid summer temperatures. Autumn, despite the fact that the days are shorter, has a mild climate with little rainfall.


The climate of Morocco varies according to the seasons, the latitude and the altitude: the choice of clothing will depend, for these reasons, on the time and the planned itinerary; In any case, bear in mind that significant thermal changes take place in the interior of the country, and that, in the southern regions, temperatures can reach extraordinarily high values ​​in the summer. it is convenient to wear comfortable shoes resistant to unpaved floors (even to visit the city center); It is also advisable to wear sunglasses and scarves to protect yourself from the wind or sand.

Currency and exchange

there are no limitations for foreign currencies. The Moroccan monetary unit is the dirham (DH), subdivided into 100 cents. the official change for 1 dirham is around 0.1 euros.

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