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The desert and its living beings

The living beings of the desert

    The desert and its living beings Deserts are ecosystems characterized by low precipitation levels, often resulting in arid or semi-arid conditions. There are various types of deserts around the world, and they can be classified into several types based…

Morocco Discovery

A must-do destination… Labyrinthine medival cities, fast-paced urban centers, long stretches of beach, sprawling desert, lush palm oases, and snowcapped mountains—. Morocco discovery  offers enough to draw any traveler looking for a new vacation spot. But what makes it a…

Les dattes Miracle du désert

les dattes miracle du désert

le coran recommande les dattes, miracle de désert Elles sont partout et c’est normal…La période bat son plein pour cause de ramadan et le coran recommande de couper le jeûne avec de l’eau et les dattes! Artistiquement empilés, ou encore…

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