women traveling alone

Women traveling alone

Women traveling alone

women traveling alone


Safe destination for women travlers

Morocco is a totally safe destination for female travelers in general. Single women who travel alone frequently meet new friends and are invited to family homes. Bring back memories to tell as well as a few souvenirs.

Sexual harassment is a major issue in Morocco, albeit it is felt differently in different areas. Women traveling alone are rarely harassed more than other visitors or foreigners in towns like as Agadir, Casablanca, Chefchaouen, Essaouira, Marakech, and Rabat. Catcalls and more profane comments might be expected when women are alone or in pairs. This will probably go overlooked if you don’t understand Moroccan Arabic.

Better to be accompanied in the medinas …

Older guys will occasionally flirt, but this isn’t meant to be taken seriously. Young guys, on the other hand, might be not just impolite but also persistent. This is especially true in less affluent areas and in dilapidated portions of cities, as well as in the medinas of Fez and Tanger. If you become terrified, be firm but not aggressive, and make it plain that you want nothing to do with them. Find a public place as soon as possible or sneak into a shop. Consider locating a group of like-minded people to accompany you through the medinas, whether on a guided tour or at a nearby hostel. A basic understanding of French or Arabic is recommended, as is confidence.

Keep in mind that a woman traveling alone in remote areas. Without her husband, father, brother, or cousin, or even a group of her friends, she is regarded as suspect. If you drink, smoke, or go around distant communities late at night, gossip will follow you, and most people will assume you’re looking for company. At the very least, you’ll be seen as zeen—. That is, it promotes sinful behavior.

In public, most Moroccan women appear reserved, if not snooty. There’s a reason for this. If you are perceived as being excessively pleasant, or too physical while greeting men—that is, if you touch their arms, hands, or kiss them on the cheeks— All of these signals tell the men that you’re about to attack them. Until you feel at ease with the culture. After that, learn from the Moroccan women and keep your distance.

Showing skin…

Europeans flock to Agadir and the surrounding beaches, where displaying flesh is the standard. It is discouraged elsewhere in Morocco, particularly away from the beaches. As a general rule, the less skin you have, the better, as it will protect you from the sun and deter a potential harasser or two. For visiting any religious landmark, such as Casablanca’s Hssan II Mosque. Your shoulders must be covered, and your legs must be covered beyond the knee. Some ladies choose to wear a light scarf that can be used to cover their heads to blend in with the locals, but this is not required.

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