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Adrouinaventure helps you in planning your trip to Morocco … Labyrinthine medieval cities, fast-paced urban centers, long stretches of beach Sprawling desert. Lush palm oases, and snowcapped mouintains. — Morocco offers enough to draw any traveler looking for a new vacation spot. But what makes it a must- do destination is the famed hospitality extended toward all visitors

Morocco has long been a crossroads of culture. With its unique position in the northwest corner of Africa. Just a few miles across the Strait of Gibraltar from Spain. This is a true meeting of Europe and Africa,East and West, old and new.

If you’re looking for culture immersion. The medinas (old, mud-walled cities) of Marrakech and Fez will transport you back a thousand years. Here, you can experience Moroccan life as it has been lived for generations. With the muezzin’s call to prayer wafting over the maze of pedestrian-only alleys and sprawling squares where artisans create famed hand-crafted goods.

In the Sahara, blue-turbaned desert nomads lead camels through the sand dunes, past palm-lined oases to a series of bedouin tents. in the Moroccan desert you can see the night sky at its most vivid, while sunrises and sunsets will leave you breathless.

We help to plan your trip to Morocco and invite you to:
* Meet morocco and the berbers, following their footsteps to discover little-known and wild landscapes.
**Be rocked by the slow pace of the camels in the desert.
*** Take advantage of the country sleeping under starry skies in nomad tents .
****Be seduced by the warm reception of the berbers and their music.

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The walls of the medieval city of Essaouira
mud-walled city