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Spice market in the Marrakech Jewish quarter " Mellah"?Tánger and Mediterranean Coast

Spice market in the Marrakech Jewish quarter » Mellah»

Tánger and Mediterranean Coast
The days of the interzone still ripple around the nooks of the Zoco CHico , along the cafés dotting the boulevards of the edgy port city of Tánger. The meditarranean Coast hosts two Spanish exclaves in Morocco, Ceuta and Melilla,while the Moroccan coastline is a popular destination un August for vacationing Moroccan families. the Rif is home to famous blue town of Chefchaouen, one of the most pleasant towns un all Morocco, while the surrounding mountains offer opportunities for rock-climbing and trekking.

Fez and the middle Atlas
The old medina of Fez is considered the world’s largest existing medieval city, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Spending a few days getting lost un its twisting passageways, is a rite of passage for any traveler to Morocco. The nearby city of Meknes provides a medina experience with mess confusion, while volubilis is one of the most well-preserved former Román cities in all África. The Middle Atlas mountains are stunning, particularly un spring, with opportunities fir nature lovers to mingle with locals and visit some less touristed places, such as picturesque Zaouia d Ifrane, a quaint village with a backdrop of cascading waterfalls.

In Adrouinaventure, we propose a tour «Tánger and Mediterranean Coast» where you can discover the secrets of the north of the country