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Sefrou, Bhalil caves and Ifrane

Sefrou Bhalil and Ifrane

Kasbah in the Rose valley

During  the  day,  we will visit Sefrou and its waterfalls, Bhalil and its caves. Ifrane and its European environment and Azrou and its cedar forest full of monkeys.


Pick up at the Hotel  in  the morning.  then, we head towards Sefrou, a small town located 30 kilometers southeast of Fez. The most interesting place is its waterfalls or take a short walk through its medina. after that,  Leave Sefrou behind we will arrive at Bhalil. Certainly, a beautiful mountain village famous for its cave houses  where  we will  have a mint  tea with  family.

The next stop will be in  Ifrane. One of the most curious cities in Morocco for its architecture. In Ifrane, you will find one of the most famous universities in the country. And it is the preferred destination of the wealthiest Moroccans.

To end the day we will visit the forest of cedars, famous for its the Great Cedar Gouraud, the largest millenary cedar of the region. In this forest live hundreds of monkeys .

Since our day  trips  are private, there is no problem in modifying the itinerary to suit you. For example, if you do not have special interest in visiting Sefrou, you can have more time to spend in the lakes that we will see along the way