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Dinner and Fantasy show at Chez Ali

un espectáculo de mil y una noches
una cena bajo tiendas Berberes

Fantasia Chez Ali, cena y espectáculo
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Dinner and fantasy show

Enjoy a dinner and Fantasy show

Enjoy a different night at Chez Ali. Certainly, the best-known restaurant in all of Morocco, covering a large area of ​​the palm grove of Marrakech: For instance, the restaurant has capacity for 6,000 people. And consists of several nomadic khaimas placed around an open space where the show takes place. After dinner, comes the strong moment of the show. The fantasy, in which riders, horses, musicians, acrobats … mingle in the great open-air stage. The fantasy, also known as the «gunpowder run». Consists of several horsemen firing their weapons at the same time, giving the feeling of unity